Group dating website

JDate opts for a freemium model, whereas others give their services away in hopes of building a large enough network to entice an acquisition, like Ok Cupid‘s million dollar sale to Grouper isn’t Waxman’s first go around on the startup rodeo.

Additionally, Grouper London is launching in November 2013.The clubs then use your group’s details to hand-match parties by age, interests, tastes, jobs and by their photos. The only info Smeeters give you about your potential dates beforehand is two truths and a lie about each of the three friends in the group. Once everyone’s paid the £15 charge, they’ll organise your evening for you (the venue, any activities and covering the first round of drinks). They’ll check if you have any mutual friends on Facebook before matching groups up. But an even more alluring quality than the precise terminology is Grouper’s basic premise – .“We’ve found that the group dynamic works really well on a lot of levels: many members tell us it’s less intimidating to meet a stranger from the Internet when you’re in the comfort of your friends,” says Waxman.

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