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Colleges are definitely responding to the pressure.

Consider Occidental College, which pursued a rape case against a male student for having drunken sex with a female student.

-- For the second time in a year, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is being accused of sexual misconduct, with police investigating him Saturday for an alleged assault at a nightclub in a Georgia college town.

Police in Milledgeville were examining the claim of a 20-year-old student, who told an officer that Roethlisberger sexually assaulted her early Friday.

Whitton&39;s research aims to better understand modern couples and families and to help them build and maintain the types of strong, stable relationships that promote health and well-being.

She is particularly interested in understudied and marginalized groups, including sexual and gender minorities. Whitton conducts basic research to identify factors that promote strong relationships in the face of adversity, and uses the findings to develop couple-based interventions to promote individual, couple, and family health.

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The message to colleges from the federal government was .Responding to the federal government's call to , state lawmakers approved SB 967, a bill that would force state universities to establish a stricter definition of consensual sex: one that requires the initiator to acquire "unambiguous, informed, freely-given, and voluntary" permission.That part may not sound so bad—sex, after all, should be absolutely consensual—but forcing college administrators to play the role of judge, jury, and career executioner for the accused students in these cases carries a whole host of problems.How Many V-Card Carriers Are There on College Campuses, and What Do Others Think of Them?While it may seem like everyone around you is DTF on any given Friday night, the truth is that virginity is way more common than collegiettes think.

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