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comes from combining the "480 years" (between the Exodus and Solomon's fourth year as king) of 1 Kings 6:1 with the accepted date for the beginning of Solomon's reign, ca. This biblical chronological conflict is easily seen by adding up the well-known 40 years of wilderness wandering, 410 years of alternating periods of oppression and deliverance recorded in the book of Judges, 40 years for the career of Eli, 40 years for the reign of Saul, and 40 years for the reign of David.

However, in Judges and 1 Samuel the Bible seems to indicate that the time between the Exodus and Samuel was longer.

Thus, the biblical stipulation of 480 years from the Exodus to Solomon given in 1 Kings 6:1 conflicts with the greater than 600 year total for this same time period which one can calculate from chronological data given elsewhere in the Bible.

This already totals 570 years, though it does not include the time during which Joshua led Israel, nor the career of Samuel, and these two periods of time, while not specified biblically, must certainly total to something greater than 30 years (they probably total close to 80 years in fact).

Naturally, this scenario is untenable as Jephthah lived long before Solomon (or Saul, for that matter) was born. Even allowing for a possible overlap of the reigns of the judges, the activities and times specified in the book of Judges don’t compress well into a 180-year time-span. The Merneptah Stele is dated to approximately 1210BC and states that the nation of Israel was destroyed by Pharaoh Merneptah.

With a late-date Exodus, Joshua would have had less than 20 years to establish the nation of Israel in time for Merneptah to destroy it.

In fact, the text seems to indicate a period of 450 years, followed by a period of judges of unspecified duration "until the time of the prophet Samuel." This 450 years does not include the wilderness wandering, Saul's reign, or David's reign, all of which transpired between the Exodus and Solomon.

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As a result, the "early date" conflicts with these other biblical chronological data. It is consistent with no biblical chronological data.

With the 13th century dating of the Exodus, settlement of Canaan by the Israelites occurs in the 12th century B.

For many years the date of the date of the Exodus has been disputed and the issue has become a major discussion in the realms of Old Testament debate as some feel that issues such as biblical historicity rest upon the matter.

Both sides believe their respective dates to fit in best with the main pieces of biblical, archaeological and other data which are discussed in this essay. Late date supporters must first remove or explain this obstacle before anything else.

Most late date supporters suggest that 480 is arrived at by totalling different values for several periods which actually overlapped.

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