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Her major is creative writing (overflowing with lies), double majoring in acting (nice looking face with exceptional acting skills), minor major in broadcast entertainment (wonderful showmanship with quick agility of wit). ^^ I also love the lead couple, I think they have great chemistry together!!! If you really want to see a lot of comic scene at the same time to fall in love, this drama was the perfect one to watched.

However, there is one bizarre contract between two couples. But the fact Kong-Chun is lying to Se-Hyun, claiming to be trying to building their relationship while treating her like she's just a toy that he can pick up for a while and drop the second Yu-Rin calls makes me hate him. And the fact Yu-Rin's only reason for not being allowed to end up with him is cause she's his cousin, who cares that he has a girlfriend who is being crushed by all this... The acting ability was spontaneous and very well done, the love story of Da Hae & Dong Wook in the series was not as sweet w/ Eun Hye & Ji Hoon in Princess Hours, but their Chemistry together as a couple burst towards the viewers.

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Nergens ter wereld heeft u een betere kans de vrouw van uw dromen te vinden dan hier.

However, the two must join forces to go through the hardship that they must face… Jung-woo who is a free-loving person, and Gong-chan’s past sweetheart, Se-hyun, a famous Korean sports star. Sol Kong-Chan Handsome I don't care how many new dramas come with better cinematography and cell phones, I have watched them all, and I have decided this is my favourite kdrama couple of all time. OST is pretty good and well matched according to the scene. This is first korean drama i have seen with complete interest and it is very hert touching stroy and it explains me about true love. Lee Da Hae is amazing in this show especially when you compare this role of Yoo-Rin to her other roles which are more serious (Chuno, Robbers, etc!!! I find it hard to believe ANYBODY thought that was stylish after 1990.

There cannot be a more fatal chance of meeting than the one they have; nonetheless they get make a “contract sibling” agreement perhaps by their will or not. missing them a lot...don't want to wait again 9 years.. :) really i enjoyed lot..i like joo yoo rin so much by her acting and i love this drama so much Joo Yoo Rin your acting really amazing and i feel happy seeing ur character in this drama and i also want to be like this... I managed to finish this drama just fine with little skipping... Is it possible that it's set in 1986 and the Osaka earthquake they refer to was in 1966? Lee Dong Wook, even though I love his work, looks like he ripped off REO Speedwagon during their heyday.

We kunnen bewijzen dat het contact werkelijkheid is door een video die wij van haar kunnen nemen waarin zij uw naam noemt. Wij hebben duizenden kwaliteitsfoto's en honderden gratis video-filmpjes welke u kunt downloaden.

Medellin women are beautiful, and word is spreading pretty much around the world. I had to learn everything from experience, and it’s been a blast.

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